Sunday, 14 July 2013

Vampy Shoes Need Vampy Nails!

I went to a friends party last night and got to wear a fabulous new pair of shoes that I got on sale from Windor Smith during my trip to Harbour Town a couple of weeks ago. They are black PVC open toe sandals with awesome spikes covering the heel, and being as fabulous as they are a suitable mani & pedi was in order! I wasn't planning on anything special, I decided a bright red creme polish by Mud ''Passionight'' would be best with the PVC and I was right! It looks amazing with these shoes! 

It was nice to take care of my feet, I'm usually as obsessive about my feet as I am about my hands but as it's been quite cold lately they spend most of their time hiding in slippers and I haven't given myself a nice pedi in so long! I admit to having a bit of a foot fetish, noooo, not the toe sucking sole licking kind, but I've worked for years as a model and done many foot based shoots for shoes and stuff, and it's helped me have a special appreciation for feet and to recognise how beautiful they can be (if well cared for!). A great pair of well cared for feet and toes in a nice pair of shoes can be sooo sexy. I don't care how nice your shoes are, the feet inside them make the shoes, and if you've got manky feet then a nice pair of shoes are wasted on them!

Obviously once I had beautiful red toes I had to have matching red nails on my hands too, and I was going to leave it at that, keep it nice and simple and understated...  but I couldn't help myself!!! I couldn't just leave my nails plain red, I was going to a party and wanted to do something as fab as my shoes!  So I did!

I got my stamping plates out and did this snakeskin pattern with plate BM215 and a black creme polish by BYS. Once the stamping was done and the protective top coat was dry, I used some round stickers as french tip guides and painted the tips too. It came up really nice and I think this was the perfect mani to match my shoes! My only disappointment was not having the time to give the same decorational treatment to my toes before I had to head on out to my party! Boooo!


  1. Ooooooooooh such lovely shoes. The pedi really brings it all together:)


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