Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Striping Tape Mani with Dots

A recent polish purchase was the Sinful Colours 'Unicorn', the mellow yellow featured as the base in my multicoloured henna pattern a couple of days ago. I'm not much of a yellow polish fan and I dont have many, but I really love this colour and couldn't wait to use it again. I thought it would look really nice teamed with a nice bright pink, so I did a striping tape mani to combine both colours on each nail.

I painted the nails alternate colours using the Unicorn and YSNY no18, and then when they were dry I applied striping tape in this 3 stripe splayed pattern and then painted over the tape in the opposite colour to the base. So if the base was pink I painted over the tape with yellow and vice versa. As I had to apply a couple of coats over the tape to cover the polish below I had to wait until the polish was completely dry before I could take the tape off otherwise it would have stretched out the tacky polish and ruined the clean lines. 

Once I removed the striping tape I used a dotting tool to create the spots following the lines and that really jazzed it up a lot, and then covered everything in a top coat. 
This is actually the second time I attempted this mani, the first time I made the mistake of using a coloured striping tape, and when I removed it all the colour from the tape had stained the nail and smudged in with the polish, so you couldn't see the original colours and the lines looked messy and blurred, so I had to take it all off and start again with a colourless tape!

I do really love this colour and was glad to be proven right about it looking awesome with bright pink! Another wonderful addition to my collection me thinks!

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