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If my readers would like to contact me for any reason at all, please make yourself heard at the email address below. As this is a new blog I'm particularly interested to hear from fellow bloggers who might be interested in cross promotion, mentions and name dropping (lol), link exchanges and guest posting, etc! I intend to create a page specifically for my ''recommended blogs'' so if you would like to feature I would of course appreciate if you could return the favour somehow!

If there are any Press / PR / Polish / Nail Art companies that would like me to review their products, please feel free to send me your proposals to the same address. I'm 100% self employed so I can make time for my nails whenever I like, and because of that I can offer a quick turn around on reviews should you have a deadline for releases.

Please note that although my blog may be new, it will grow quickly! Both my husband and myself work in web design, web marketing and SEO in our daytime jobs, and my father also runs a specialized company dedicated soley to SEO and the growth of websites, so I have entire team dedicated to the success of my blog, and it won't be long before it's totally out there!

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