Friday, 5 April 2013


Backdated post for a design I did sometime in April.

The summer here in Aus was coming to an end, and apparently, subconsciously, I was realising that beach days were soon to be a thing of the past, for a good few months anyway, and I inadvertently gave myself a sea theme mani. I say inadvertently as I had no idea what the plan for this mani, was, I just started messing around, determined to use the new laser lace I had purchased and see the effect, and in the end it was beautiful.

Despite being quite simple this is one of my favourite mani's ever, the colours are just gorgeous, and once I realised that the effect of the laser lace over the Deborah Shine Tech number 71 looked a little like seaweed, I stuck some bright fuchsia irridescent stars on to complete the effect. 

Let me tell you though ladies, if you think glitter is a nightmare to remove, this laser lace stuff is a whole new level, soaking is the only way to go without ruining your nails, especially if like me, you put several coats of topcoat on to try and smooth it out. (It would still have taken several coats more for complete smoothness, so if you are someone that needs a high gloss finish, then this laser lace might drive you a bit mad!)

The irridescent stars and a huge selection of other irridescent shapes and glitters are available in my online store HERE and most glitters come in sets of 12 different colours for around $10 AUD with free international shipping.

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