Friday, 31 May 2013


I decided that it was time that I owned a damned holographic polish, a girl like me should totally have one in her life. So I sat down at the computer ready to do hours of research into purchasing something that had a reasonable price. Hell no! reasonably priced Holo's for a budget addict? Forget it!! (and then I remembered why I didn't already own one). After hours trawling the intarwebz, I wasn't getting one for less than $15, even though being my usual tight ass self I would expect to get 3 or 4 polishes for that, and I wanted at least a couple of colours! But we just paid for a wedding and moved into a new house which we had to buy all new furniture for etc etc blah blah blah, I just could't justify spending $30 dollars for 2 measly bottles right now. But like the determined little bargain hunter I am I continued my search and discovered spectraflair! HELLO! Why has nobody told me about this before?! Amazing little holographic particles that you put in any polish you want and it transforms from a dull grey caterpillar to a gorgeous holographic butterfly!
The best news? It still cost me $30, but I can make 10 bottles from the quantity that will arrive, probably even more!!! Screw you $15 dollar holo polish, bargain bitch strikes again!!! The bad news? Waiting for it to arrive in the post is going to feel like an enternity, and it took them almost an entire week just to post the damn stuff! GAH!

After making my order I was so excited about having not just a couple of holo colours, but any damn holo colour I could ever want, that I couldn't sleep. It was like being 7 years old and trying to sleep on christmas eve. NOT. HAPPENING. So I had to appease myself and my craving for holo, and I turned to the trusty foils.

It did help satisfy my craving, I kept waving them bad boys in my husbands face for hours singing ''shiny disco balls'', completely ignoring his attempts to feign interest (LOL). It was short lived though, I still dont have that all elusive perfect for foils top coat that doesn't wrinkle them or ruin the holo effect. So I refused to put top coat on at all, and by the morning my shiny disco balls were no more....

For those of you that don't know the shiny disco balls track, enjoy! 

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

BOOM! I'm back!

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in May.

So I had a long absence from doing nails from early April to late May,  as during this time I moved house (and moves are not great for nails, there were breakages AAGGHH!) but also, it was during this time that my husband actually became husband! Wedding YAY! So as you can imagine I was way too busy with pre-wedding organisational hell and then post-wedding married bliss! I of course did a wonderful mani for my wedding day, but was way too busy to take photos (boooo) so I think at some point I willl have to recreate my wedding mani to show you all cos it was soooooo damn beautiful and sparkly!

Anyways, once everything had settled down and I finally had the time to sit and do my nails again I wanted to do something REALLY nice. What can I say, I totally rocked my come back mani.

Check out these for pretties! For the base I used Sinful Colours Cinderella, which was not at all opaque and took four coats to get good coverage, but which was made easier by one of the weddings gifts my mum had brought for me, a quite powerful electric nail dryer which sped up the process considerably! The colour is so beautiful, it may look like just pale blue from here but it has this really fine baby pink shimmery micro glitter that just set it alight. Iinspired by the pink I took one of my no name cheapos from a gift set in neon pink, and using the plastic food wrap ball technique lightly dabbed the darker pink in a cloudy effect over the nails.Then I gave a coat of Australis Crystal Colour holographic flaky topcoat (which unfortunately just wouldn't come out in a photo) and then with Sally Hansen lacquer shine in number 7 and plate BM315 stamped this lovely paisley print.

This was such a stunning mani and I was quite upset when it started to chip, I got a pretty good wear out of it though. It certainly brought some cheer into my life as the cold Aussie winter set in.

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