Sunday, 24 February 2013

I finally got me some matt topcoat!

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in February. 

So I finally got me some matt topcoat which I had been dying to try for ages! For whatever reason I was still in a ''sophisticated'' mood, but I also wanted to try a new gold leaf effect technique I had found online using plastic food wrap. I call it plastic food wrap because I don't know what the prefered term of my readers is, in the UK we call it cling film, I know some people call it cellophane, and Im sure there are probably many other names for it too! Either way, with ''plastic food wrap'' you get the general idea!

I didn't want the gold leaf effect to take away from the matt look too much, so I taped off a seperate area of each nail to try and get a bit of contrast. I'm sorry but I don't remember the polishes I used in this mani! After taping off the nails, I took a piece of my plastic food wrap, rolled it into a messy little ball, painted a bit of polish onto it then dabbed the excess off onto some paper, before dabbing it onto my nails. I really love this effect! Then I used bronze striping tape to define the seperate areas, and covered each nail in my matt top coat. I loved this mani so much, that I even did matching feet!

The topcoat I used is now available in my nail store HERE and at only $7 AUD a bottle with free international delivery it's a steal!

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Husband returns baring gifts

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in February.

My lovely hubby finally returned from his long trip home to Brazil, with a GORGEOUS ankle bracelet, a bright gold chain with beautiful round blue crystals (there is a reason I married him ya know!) and so obviously to pay hommage to his beautiful gift, a matching mani was in order! Being an ankle bracelet a matching pedi was absolutely necessary too of course!

Preoccupied with my husbands return I forgot to take pics as soon as I had finished it, and wouldn't have taken them at all if he hadn't reminded me whilst we were out for lunch one afternoon, so we whipped out the camera and took pics right there at the table! So yeah, there is a little bit of evident tip wear in this picture. I have no idea which blue I used for the base as I have too many that are similar to try and distinguish it, but the gold glitter is an OPI which I received as a christmas gift, along with 3 others in the recent 007 Skyfall collection, this particular polish is Golden Eye. I did this lovely Glitter tip gradient and added a metal foil star as a bit of a focal point.

I really love these gold metal nail decorations, and they come in many different designs, if you would like to own them too you can find them in my ail art store HERE at the low price of  just $4 AUD for 80 pieces with free international delivery!

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