Sunday, 24 February 2013

I finally got me some matt topcoat!

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in February. 

So I finally got me some matt topcoat which I had been dying to try for ages! For whatever reason I was still in a ''sophisticated'' mood, but I also wanted to try a new gold leaf effect technique I had found online using plastic food wrap. I call it plastic food wrap because I don't know what the prefered term of my readers is, in the UK we call it cling film, I know some people call it cellophane, and Im sure there are probably many other names for it too! Either way, with ''plastic food wrap'' you get the general idea!

I didn't want the gold leaf effect to take away from the matt look too much, so I taped off a seperate area of each nail to try and get a bit of contrast. I'm sorry but I don't remember the polishes I used in this mani! After taping off the nails, I took a piece of my plastic food wrap, rolled it into a messy little ball, painted a bit of polish onto it then dabbed the excess off onto some paper, before dabbing it onto my nails. I really love this effect! Then I used bronze striping tape to define the seperate areas, and covered each nail in my matt top coat. I loved this mani so much, that I even did matching feet!

The topcoat I used is now available in my nail store HERE and at only $7 AUD a bottle with free international delivery it's a steal!

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