Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pretty Pastels

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in March. 

My friend Emma was so pleased to have pretty nails that when her netball team had another week off from matches she came right back for another mani and with her own request this time! Pretty pastel gradients!

I was pleased with how this gradient turned out though I think the orange colour spoiled it, it just didn't fit with the other colours very well and it probably would have been much nicer if it was yellow instead. 

The polishes were part of a 10 polish set that I received as a christmas gift, Ive long since thrown the packaging away, and the bottles don't have anything written on them, but if my memory serves me well I believe I saw the same set as part of the K-mart christmas gifts section. They are great little polishes anyway, and the gradient worked really well with them.

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