Online Store

At the moment my nail art store is featured only on my facebook page, Nail Jems. All products on sale are featured in the photo albums, with pictures, descritpions and pricing, and instructions on how to place an order in the about section of the page, payment is via paypal. 

I offer budget nail art supplies at amazing, affordable prices. My products may not be of big name brands but they are good quality. I love great prices, not shoddy products, and the vast majority of products in my store I have used myself and so I can personally vouch for their good quality. Whats more, I offer free international shipping with no minimum order so I will deliver for free as much or as little as you like wherever you are in the world!


For now the store only contains nail art products (as nobody wanted to wait a second too long to get their hands on those goodies!), but coming soon will also be many other beauty products, such as cosmetics, hair products and accessories, and fashion jewellery.

I am currently working on building my own website which will be a one stop shop with a proper check-out system for all the nail art and beauty products I have on sale, creating this however, is a long process and will require a little patience! You will of course be notified as soon as it is live!

If you are going to visit my facebook page store, then show a little love while you are there please, and like my page too, I will be doing lots of great giveaways there!
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