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Hello all, my name is Jem (which I used to hate as a child but dayum how convenient a name it turned out to be!) I'm a British nail art enthusiast who started this blog while I was living in Australia, due to immigration issues there I was forced to leave, but having married a Brazilian man whilst there returning home was not as easy as one might expect either, thanks to the delightful immigration policies of David Cameron and Theresa May who now insist that my right to a family life with my husband in my own country is entirely dependant on how filthy rich we are. Thus ensued a long and costly battle for my husband and I to be able to return home to the UK, but after 2 long years, a lot of which was spent living in poverty in Brazil to collect necessary family documents and some time in Italy to have my husbands Italian ancestry recognised and therefore become a European citizen, we made it back to the UK just a couple of months ago, and gave a giant middle finger to the man! (It cost us everything to do it, but we did it!)

As much as I love painting my nails and my nail art blog, those last 2 years were extremely tough on us, we had to deal with a mountain of paperwork, constant financial drainage, overtime at work to cover that financial drain, not to mention the ridiculous time consuming burocracy, I had no choice but to dedicate myself to this important mission with my husband and all other hobbies were put on hiatus, which is why my blog has been very quiet for quite a while now.

We made it back to the UK just before Christmas 2014, and now that is over we have to concentrate on getting back on our feet, recuperating the financial loss we have suffered thanks to damaging government policies and doing our best to move out of my parents spare room and get some stability and independance back in our lives, it won't be easy, our battle to live a loving and happy married life together (in peace!) is still not over, but we are on the last leg and are sure to win soon. Until that happens though, I have other more pressing prioties than the regular updating of my blog which in itself can be a full time job, so please don't expect too much to happen here for the first half of 2015 either, as I'm not in a position to make that kind of commitment just yet.

 I do love my blog though! I love doing my nails too and I miss it like crazy! I'm lucky if I get the time to slap a coat of plain old polish on these days, never mind full nail art!

My nail art obsession actually started as a very small child. Family holidays were at a camping/caravan resort where every weekend they would do a market that sold nail polishes at 50 pence each. They were the only thing that I could buy in abundance with my small holiday pocket money allowance, and so the nail addiction began. Those polishes were great too, way ahead of their time, pearlescents, and colour morphs and all kinds of pretties, if only I hadn't been so young to not be able to appreciate what rare beauties I had in my possession!
Nail art was not a big thing then, Im talking almost 20 years ago, there were no rhinestones, or stamping or nail art kits or anything like that, but I was determined to do pretty nails regardless, and was permanently getting told off by my mother for ransacking and re-purposing household items for my polish missions, but me and all my friends had the coolest nails anywhere!
I grew out of it for a while when I discovered teen drinking, boys, parties etc, (as you do!) and then fortunately I grew up! and went back to my usual crafty nail addicted ways. I haven't always had the time to dedicate myself to nails as much as others have, but I'm at an age now where I realise that actually, life is all about dedicating yourself to the things you truly love regardless of time limits, and so I let myself get washed away with nail stuff to the point of obsession, (at least I do when Immigration will allow it!) and my poor little purse has paid the price. 

By now I have such an astounding collection of nail art tools, toys and artefacts, and have reached a level of skill where I am able to share my nail art with others and help them live the joy of amazing nails too, I have been offering nail art services all over the world during my travels, and will continue to do so now that I am home. Any women in the Oxfordshire or Wiltshire area interested in having their nails done by me can view more information about my services by clicking on the 'Services in Faringdon' tab at the top of the site.

Jem x

(P.S, I shall have to update that profile pic at some point too, I have blue hair now!)

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