Friday, 31 May 2013


I decided that it was time that I owned a damned holographic polish, a girl like me should totally have one in her life. So I sat down at the computer ready to do hours of research into purchasing something that had a reasonable price. Hell no! reasonably priced Holo's for a budget addict? Forget it!! (and then I remembered why I didn't already own one). After hours trawling the intarwebz, I wasn't getting one for less than $15, even though being my usual tight ass self I would expect to get 3 or 4 polishes for that, and I wanted at least a couple of colours! But we just paid for a wedding and moved into a new house which we had to buy all new furniture for etc etc blah blah blah, I just could't justify spending $30 dollars for 2 measly bottles right now. But like the determined little bargain hunter I am I continued my search and discovered spectraflair! HELLO! Why has nobody told me about this before?! Amazing little holographic particles that you put in any polish you want and it transforms from a dull grey caterpillar to a gorgeous holographic butterfly!
The best news? It still cost me $30, but I can make 10 bottles from the quantity that will arrive, probably even more!!! Screw you $15 dollar holo polish, bargain bitch strikes again!!! The bad news? Waiting for it to arrive in the post is going to feel like an enternity, and it took them almost an entire week just to post the damn stuff! GAH!

After making my order I was so excited about having not just a couple of holo colours, but any damn holo colour I could ever want, that I couldn't sleep. It was like being 7 years old and trying to sleep on christmas eve. NOT. HAPPENING. So I had to appease myself and my craving for holo, and I turned to the trusty foils.

It did help satisfy my craving, I kept waving them bad boys in my husbands face for hours singing ''shiny disco balls'', completely ignoring his attempts to feign interest (LOL). It was short lived though, I still dont have that all elusive perfect for foils top coat that doesn't wrinkle them or ruin the holo effect. So I refused to put top coat on at all, and by the morning my shiny disco balls were no more....

For those of you that don't know the shiny disco balls track, enjoy! 

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  1. When your spectraflair arrives....make sure you do some research into how much to put in. I bought myself some and was quite excited about the fact that I could make any color I wanted into a holo. Unfortunately, in my case, I didn't look online before trying to make something. At first, I tried to put it into a plain color and when I didn't immediately see a result, I put extra in. The bad thing with this is, there is a fine line between just enough and too much! If you put too much just looks grey and not holo.

    My next attempt was to make a holo topcoat...which is a better idea, because then you can just paint the holo on top of any color...which means that you can actually have a lot more than 10 bottles of different colors because you can put it on top of ANY color you have!!! It worked out MUCH better as I started off with the "less is more" theory. I just wish that instead of a plain $1 topcoat that I put it in that I had used a suspension base (which I think you have to order). The main difference is that in between uses ALL of the spectraflair settles to the bottom of the polish jar and you have to shake it for a LONG time to mix it properly..but it is still cheaper than buying a holo topcoat online. If you buy suspension basecoat, the spectraflair stays mixed, just like you see with the holos you can buy. However, I don't think the suspension base is very if you don't mind shaking it up each time, that's the way to go.

  2. Thanks for your info Donna! To be honest I was so excited by the discovery I spent literally an entire day researching the stuff and it's many uses, how to use it etc, so I'm all info'd up and ready to go, even found an australian supplier for suspension base too! I agree that doing a holo top coat is definitely the best way to go, but as I'd like to do stamping designs with holo Im not sure a top coat would give enough coverage and so might consider frankening a few of my existing polishes. We shall see how it goes anyway, there shall be lots of mad scientist type experimenting occuring once I finally receive my treasured package! These are still great tips for any of my reaaders interested in spectraflair, so thanks for taking the time to share this important information! Jem x

  3. You're welcome! I'll be looking forward to seeing the designs you make with your frankened polishes!!! I haven't gotten too deep into stamping yet, I'm fairly a newbie there. However. I've been OBSESSED with nail polish for a bit over a year I've amassed quite the collection of polish. I've only been doing nail art with different techniques other than stamping, but I've decided that it's time to see if I can or like to do it!!!
    Thanks for your tips on keeping things inexpensive. I'd share different polishes that I know work well that aren't very much, but I don't know what brands you have there versus what we have in the US. I AM going to try making my own decals...that's my big plan for tomorrow!!!



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