Monday, 22 July 2013

Retro Circles with Marker Pens

So I apologize for the slight absence over the last few days, I have got a bit of an ear infection going on and my head feels like it's permanently under water, I haven't felt much like doing my nails and spent most of yesterday afternoon stting in the doctors reception waiting to be seen. Not. Fun.

I had to do something though cos I was bored! So whilst lying on my couch trying to rest as my head felt like it was swimming I did something simple to answer a question that was asked in a comment on one of my previous posts about using the marker pens.

The question was, do the marker pen designs smudge once you apply the top coat? This was a good question that I couldn't answer, as I had done my previous designs using the freezer bag method, by painting a layer of top coat onto the bag, letting it dry and then drawing the design onto that. Once I peeled the top coat off with my design on it the piece had 2 sides, one side which was pure top coat and the other side which had the ink from the drawing, and the inked side I stuck face down onto the nail, so technically the design was already protected with a layer of dry top coat and couldn't be smudged.

So I decided to play with my pens again and put them to the test. This time, after I had applied my polish and let it dry completely, I drew a retro circles design directly onto my nails and then painted over the fresh drawn design with top coat, and this is the result!

As you can see no smudging at all, and I really dragged that brush quite heavily over the design just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere, it didn't smudge even the tiniest little bit so the permanent markers are quite permanent! (Until you get the acetone on them!) 

I apologise for the quality control, for the base I used Revlon 370 ''Smoldering'' (which I must swatch at some point as it's magic!) and it wasn't the greatest of applications, it was quite streaky and got a couple of bubbles in it too, and then it was difficult to get a crisp image of the design when I took the photo's, but that's what a lovely infection will do for you - shaky mani ruining hands! 

I'm on antibiotics now so hopefully in a couple of days I will be feeling better and won't have such shaky hands that effect my work badly anymore! Here's hoping anyways cos my head hurts! Ouch!

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