Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Stormy Night with a Colour Shifter!

A couple of days ago me and the hubby were shopping at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast, and predictable me was raiding the polish bins at the chemist and I found a beauty for only $2! The polish brand was Savvina which I have never seen or heard of before, the bin was full of absolutely rubbish colours but there was this one little Jem just sat right on the top just waiting for me to claim it!  It's a gorgeous colour shifter which goes from a dusky grey blue to emerald to mauve and it is sooooooo pretty!

For some reason it reminded me of a stormy night, so I went with that idea and did a little nail art with it.

This is the dominant colour, the dusky grey blue, the polish is called Savvina 'Black pearl' I have layered it over a black creme polish to make it pop a little more, but the polish itself does have good opacity and can be worn on its own, my only issue with it is that it's a little watery so you have to apply thin coats or it runs everywhere! I stamped my ring finger with the cloudy pattern from plate BM312 and using my dotting tool I dotted a transparent micro glitter topper - 'beyond opal' to create the effect of raindrops, which worked really well! The transparent polish gave the effect of water droplets and the tiny hint of glitter gave it a bit of sparkle!

In this picture you can see the mauve colour as it shifts in the light, though in reality the purple tones are a bit lighter than what the camera has picked up.
In this picture you can see the emerald tones in the polish, and I don't know whats going on with my camera, but it seems to alter the colour of my skin depending on what colour tones it picks up!

These pictures were taken in artificial light, and even though you can see the colour shift, the colours aren't exactly accurate. The colour shift is very visible to the naked eye, and the colours a  bit lighter, so should we ever get a sunny day around these parts I will attempt to do a swatch in the sun and see if I can get some accurate representations.

I think this is a very appropriate mani considering the weather we have had lately!

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  1. Simply gorgeous! I love the colour and the theme. <3


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