Thursday, 11 July 2013

Guest Hands for Leopard Spots!

Today's is a late post as I've spent a lovely afternoon with one of my closest friends who I haven't seen for a couple of months as the poor girl has been drowning in Uni studies! The good news is I was able to cheer her up and give her a lovely manicure and make her forget about the books for an afternoon! 

You may recognise these guest hands as they were present in my first ever blog post giving examples of my past mani's, they are the hands of the lovely feline obsessed Miss Kitt! She loves orange and anything kitty related so this was just too easy and I gave her some lovely glittery leopard spots!

 For the base I used Sinful Colours ''Hazard'' and with a dotting tool I did the black spots using Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine ''07 Lustre''. For the sparkly coloured dots inside the black I used Sally Hansen Lustre ''Lava''. All the spots are done free hand and I think I did a pretty neat job!

 The most entertaining part of the afternoon was seeing Kitts face when I told her that in our nail addict circles we refer to her type of finger nails as nubbins! She was not very impressed with this term and said it made her feel like she had the fingers of a 5 year old child! She wasn't too happy but I thought it was hilarious, maybe this will teach her to take more care of her nails! They may be nubbins but she has some good looking nails under this polish and nobody could call them nubbins if she put a little effort in! (Yes I'm talking to you Kitty! *AHEM*)

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