Saturday, 13 July 2013

Henna Patterns with Coloured Markers

I was loving yesterday's mani with that bold fish scale pattern and couldn't wait to see what else I could do with my new coloured markers! I wanted to take it to the next level and do something multicoloured, and this time I didn't trace a printed pattern I went totally free hand! I was looking online at different patterns and in the end was inspired by the gorgeous henna designs. They were difficult designs to do really because they are so intricate and there just isn't enough space on the nails to do them justice, but I gave it a try anyway!

 I am pretty pleased with the outcome and really love the colours, I used Sinful Colours ''Unicorn'' for my base and used the purple, blue and pink markers, though in the pictures the purple looks a bit blue, and the blue looks a bit green! The markers are great for doing really small dots, but I'm still convinced that I would get much nicer pattern definition with a finer tipped pen. Until I find those finer tipped markers I will continue to experiment with the ones I have, and I think I need to go find some in silver and gold too!

What do you think of the marker pen idea, is it something you would try?


  1. Really amazing!! Were you able to get a top coat on without them smudging though? x

    1. Well first I painted a layer of clear polish onto a freezer bag let it dry and then drew the design directly onto that. Then I peeled the layer of polish off the freezer bag that brought the design off with it, cut it into pieces to fit my nails, and then stuck the pieces down so that the side with the drawing on was face down and stuck directly to my nail and the layer of dry clear varnish was already on top, so the drawing was already protected!


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