Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Holographic Rainbow Glitter

So here it is, the final installment of my Aussie budget brand Satin as promised, and todays is a gorgeous holographic rainbow glitter topper! This is colour number 3.

 Even in the bottle you can see all the lovely shiny colours, the clear polish looks a bit dull and murky but it does go on perfectly clear. The glitter is a combination of small magenta and blue dots, with medium size holographic hex and bar glitter, The magenta and blue dot glitter really make a difference in this polish, in the light the magenta comes up in tones of violet and purple, and the blue lights up in tones of turquoise and royal blue, mixed with the holo glitter it's pretty spectacular!

 As usual the sun was hiding so I had to do these pics indoors, these first 2 pics are in artificial light with no camera flash, and I layered the glitter over a black creme polish so you could see the full colour effect as much as possible in this crappy light.
The application of this glitter was so easy, I didn't have to fish around the bottle to gather them up, and they went on the nail with nice simple strokes and no dabbing. Index and little fingers have one coat, middle and ring fingers have two coats.

The next 2 pics are done with the flash and you can see the magenta and blue dots a lot clearer. You can also see the great coverage you get with just 2 coats on the middle and ring fingers, and the pretty colours from the holo glitters.
These pics still don't do this polish any justice though. To the naked eye the glitter was incredibly sparkly and colourful even in artificial light, and I felt like I had a disco on my nails! In natural sun light this glitter topper would without a doubt be absolutely blinding!

If you love glitter toppers and don't already own this polish I suggest you go out and find it right now, you will not be disappointed! I've seen this brand in a lot of different aussie chemists, and at only $5 for 3 bottles they are an absolute bargain. I didn't see any of these for a while and then found them again in another chemist recently, and they have now added neons to the collection too! Unfortunately I wasn't very flush at that moment in time, but I will be going back at some point to get my hands on those new neon polishes too!


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