Thursday, 25 July 2013

Autumn Colours French Tip Art

So today my antibiotics are truly doing their business, my ear still hurts but Im feeling better and my shakes have gone! Time to enjoy my nails again! In keeping in theme with the warm rich tones of yesterdays post and the southern hemisphere's season in which I live, I tried my reduced level of hand shakiness out on a little free hand painted pattern to jazz up a french tip design.

For the base I used a gorgeous polish my friend bought for me from a market in France, (I'm totes lying, she bought it for herself but I needed it in my life so I made her swap me for something else, I can be persuasive like that! Nooo, persuasive, not pushy at all!! lol) the brand is Anafeli colour number 72 and is a beautiful metallic antique rose. For the tips and the decoration I used Revlon 480 'Autumn Berry' and gave the tips some sparkle with Sinful Colours 'All About You'.

I just did the little swirl design as I wanted to keep it simple after the shakes as I wasn't sure how it would go, and it would have sucked to have spent all that time painting the french tips just to ruin it all with a crappy pattern cos I overestimated my free hand painting abilities after being struck down with infection fever!

It's not a bad attempt, and I think I am at least ready for this weekend where I am working at an exhibition as a model Friday and Saturday, so you knows I gotta do something bad ass with my nails! I still didn't get a chance to wear my birthday holographic shoes either, so I reckon that together with a matching mani they will be making their debut this weekend! Exciting!

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