Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jelly Layering with Gold Leaf

I did it! I got my nails did!! I was feeling shitty but I couldn't resist, I was looking at my nekid nails and the nail mail I got from my nail store supplier and it was making me too sad! So I had an idea, if I was feeling unwell and my mani would end up looking a bit messy, then I should do something that is supposed to look a bit messy and nobody will ever know! (Unless I go and write about it on my blog like a douche lol) 

I also realised that despite it being winter here in Australia, my body is trapped in the northern hemisphere's clock and I've been doing mostly bright and summery colours lately, instead of taking advantage of the season I am actually in to wear gorgeous dark rich colours. So I decided to do something about that too!
Wanna see the result?

So my supplier nail mail included some lovely gold and silver leaf, a very fine and delicate metallic foil and I decided to cut it into little pieces and attach it to the nail in a random and messy round about way.
I had to mix it up a bit though, nail art is just never that simple! and I decided to layer the foil between coats of a gorgeous jelly polish I have.
I'm really glad I decided to do layers of foil and this gorgeous burgundy jelly polish, I love the different tones that are achieved from the varying layers of jelly, a lovely cherry colour, deep rose gold and yellow gold.

The foil was easy to apply, I cut it into tiny pieces with my nail scissors and dabbed a few random spots of clear top coat onto the nail, to pick up the foil pieces I dampened the bristles of a nail art brush very lightly and then smoothed the pieces out on the nail with the brush over the dots of top coat. Then I painted a layer of jelly polish over the foil before applying another layer of foil, I repeated this twice before covering the last layer of foil with top coat to keep its original colour on the surface.

The jelly polish I used was LA Girl Fruity ''Blissful Blackberry'', it's a scented nail polish and this is the first time I've used enough of it to actually catch the scent (so far I only used it for accents in nail art) and it's quite strange! You can smell the blackberry but it still has a strong overtone of lacquer, so it seems almost like a berry liquor! Its a spectacular colour too and has a lovely gold shimmer to it. I think this is one of those colours just perfect to bring you warmth in the cold season!

So there it is my messy mani that hides the messy job I did cos I got the sickness shakes!

If you would like some of this amazing foil for yourself, it comes in a pack of 12 pots, 6 gold and 6 silver, (and I really only used a very small piece from one pot to do both hands so it will last a good while!) and you can purchase it from my nail supply store via my Facebook page for only $10 HERE.

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