Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Mani-Care Routine

Unfortunately with this ear inection wreaking havoc on my body I haven't felt well enough to do my nails again just yet (they are naked right now can you believe it!?). My head feels like it's drowning, my jaw aches, it hurts to chew, I have swollen glands and a very stiff neck, it's just not a fun time!

So because I don't have any pretty pictures of fab nails to show you all, instead I decided to share my nail care routine which you can find in a new page on the blog tabs above titled ''Manicare Tips''.

Lots of my friends are always asking how I keep my nails so nice, so there you are bitches, all my little secrets on display for you to learn from!
There is everything from how I clean my nails, how I file and shape them, how I take care of my cuticles, how I apply my polish and a couple of tricks I use to make sure my mani's have lasting power!

I did receive a litte nail mail this morning, which would be exciting if I didn't feel too shit to use it, so hopefully soon! Keep your fingers crossed for me that these antibiotics start taking effect soon so I can bring you more pretties!!

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