Monday, 29 July 2013

Spectraflair Holographic French Tips

I'm sorry to have abandoned you all over the last 3 days, work will do that! I've been attending an exhibition for my modelling work and it's an all day affair, up in the morning - make up, hair, outfits etc, prancing around at the exhibition for hours and then home at midnight with aching bones and sore feet from 10 inch heels all day! Then you gotta wake up early the next morning and do it all over again! I am exhausted!

I would have liked to have shown you my exhibition nails yesterday afternoon when it was all over, but of course, despite being gloriously sunny when I was too busy with the ehibition to take a picture, it was grey and cloudy when I finally had a moment free yesterday afternoon, and as I'd done fabulous holographic nails to match my birthday shoes, sun was a must!

It did peek out from the clouds for about 10 minutes this morning though before disappearing behind a thick cover of darkness that stuck around for the rest of the day, so I managed to get a couple of pictures done that give the mani justice! Considering I've had these nails on for 4 days now they are still looking pretty good too!

I chose to do the french tip again because I really wanted to use the spectraflair with black to match my shoes and outfit, but I didn't have a lot of free time to do my nails and so a french tip was quick and easy to do.

The black base is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine No 7 'Lustrous', and the tips are painted with the pure spectraflair solution that I wrote about HERE. The pure solution was a litlle difficult to manage as it dries up very quickly and with the spectraflair powder in it, it turns to a paste which was a bit lumpy to apply so I had to freshly dip the brush in the bottle for each stroke. I think next time I play with the specraflair I will mix it with a bit of polish thinner to see if it's any better.

The crazy holographic glitter topper (which is so much more sparkly than in this photo!) shall remain a secret for now as there will be a great feature all about it later on this week, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

I will spend the rest of the week making up for the 3 days I missed by bringing you lots of nail awesomeness I promise! x

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