Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Favourite June Posts

I was supposeed to do this 2 days ago but my internet connection has been out for a few days! GAH! Finally got it fixed today, but spent the last 2 days feeling like I had lost an arm or something, internet addicted much?! How did we ever live without it?? Anyways, now that I am back online, I bring you a summary of my favourite June posts!

If you missed any of these posts click the following titles to view them!

1. Guest post at Shades of Phoenix

2. Opal stone effect birthday nails

3. Japanese Garden and Geisha design

4. Sportscar nails with Ferrari logo water decals

5. Peacock design with stamping and DIY transfers

6. My awesome new nail bar!

Now if my internet connection continues to cooporate, this week I willl be sharing with you my first ever dotticure as a guest post with another talented ladies blog, info on how to fix your broken nails with a teabag (because I tried it this weekend and it was AMAZING!) the last 2 swatches from the Satin collection, which are my top 2 from the whole collection, and of course, new nail designs to inspire!

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