Monday, 15 July 2013

Patterns with Holographic Hex Glitters.

I'm waiting for some nail goodies to be delivered including some special glitters that I have a great idea for (all will be revealed at a later date) so I figured I should get some practise in at individual glitter piece placement! Placing glitter pieces on your nails to make specific patterns is very time consuming, so I settled down in front of a good movie and cracked on with it! 

I was going for a star shape with the glitter and then realised that my 'stars' actually looked a bit like the British flag, so I may have to try this mani again with different coloured glitters and actually do the proper Bitish flag!

For the base I used La Girl ''Mermaids Lagoon'' and it's a really strange polish. When I applied the polish last night sat in front of the TV it was exactly the same blue as you see in the picture above (the thumb detail came out a bit darker), not just in the picture but blue to the naked eye too, but when I woke up this morning it was green! You couldn't even call it a greenish blue, it was just green! I mean a whole different colour! So either I need my eyes testing or the shade of this polish changes completely depending on the lighting!

I know this a green tinted blue, leaning on the teal side, but when it seemed green in the daylight it didn't have a blue tint at all! I'm gonna have to do proper swatches of this polish and find out whats going on! Anyways, I applied the glitter using my trusty dotting tool, I wet the end with my tongue and then stuck it in the glitter to pick a piece up before placing it on the nail, I must have looked quite crazy- lick dab dab, lick dab dab, for hours on end! When I was done I sealed everything with top coat and viola!


  1. I didn't get the british flag feel till you mentioned it. I thought they looked like beautiful sparkly star bursts -and very nice over green!

  2. Gorgeous! the holographic glitters look beautiful! x


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