Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nail Art Challenge, Inspired by an Artist - Georgia O'Keefe

Today I got my Llama nails challenge mani which due to all my work stuff I almost missed! The challenges run from Wednesday to Tuesday so I am just in time! Phew!

This weeks artist is Georgia O'Keefe, She does beautiful floral images, some of which represent the female form! She has done so many beautiful images it was considerably easier to chose an image from which to work than it was for Michelangelo last week! This is the image I have chosen for my nailspiration:

As you can see there is a vague resemblence to a ladies secret garden, and the resemblence was very much intended! I didn't go quite so far as to include this imagery on my nails, I have just tried to replicate the colours and the beautiful red petals, so here it is!

The yellow base is Sinful Colours 'Unicorn' (which has come in useful for many designs since I bought it not long ago!)  and the petals were painted using acrylic paints and nail art brushes.

I started by painting the lightest base colour on the nail, all over the area that was going to be covered in the general shape that I wanted, then I layered each colour on top of the base, so orange base, red shading, burgandy edging, and I added some yellow to the corners to brighten it up a little. Using a brush I dabbed some pale orange over the yellow area to give it some texture, and I also added a hint of lilac but it didn't come up very well with the other colours.

Once the acrylic paint had tried I added some top coat and I was done! the petals took quite a while to paint but I think it was worth it, what do you think?


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