Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Duri Polishes - Swatch and Review

Today I have something very exciting - my first ever official polish review!

I was a very lucky girl to receive a little package of Duri Polish products from the official Australian stockist PINK TIGER, who were kind enough to let me pick the polishes I wanted!

I chose the Rejuvacote that every one seems to be going mad about (I just had to see for myself what all the fuss is about!) and 2 polish colours. I will be reviewing the Rejuvacote at a later date,  in about 10 days - ish so that I can put it to proper use and see the difference it makes before voicing an opinion, so today is all about the gorgeous colours I chose, Summer Peach and Voodoo!

I chose these colours for 2 reasons, the first being that pinks and oranges are shades that are somewhat lacking in my collection and at the moment I am working towards getting a good collection of all shades, but there is a reason that I specifically chose this particular orange and pink, and it's because even after an extensive Google search I couldn't find existing swatches of these 2 polishes online anywhere!

So I am presenting you today -  with what Google search leads me to believe are... the first ever swatches of Duri Summer Peach and Duri Voodoo! (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I couldn't find anything!)

So first we have Summer Peach and the name says it all, a gorgeous pastel peach creme polish.

This first picture is taken outdoors in natural light, it was quite a cloudy overcast today but I think the cloud cover was just a thin veil as it was still bright enough to take this picture which shows the colour perfectly! This is undoubtedly a pastel colour but leaning on the darker side and quite strongly pigmented with colour.

 This second picture was taken indoors in artificial light and makes the polish look slightly lighter in colour with a cooler tone, but oh so creamy and delicious! The reason I don't have so many oranges in my polish collection is that it's not really up there amongst my favourite colours, but I am totally in love with this polish! It is definitely my favourite of orange shades and a welcome addition to my collection!

The next polish is Voodoo and it had a couple of surprises for me, the first being the colour. From the image of the bottle on the website you can see that it is a bright pink, though it's unclear how bright as it also looks quite dark, well... it's bright! It's a super blinding neon colour and the most neon pink I have ever seen! I thought I already had a neon pink in my collection but let me tell you, my ''neon pink'' looks like murky bath water tinted with hair colour compared to Voodoo! It is so bright it practically glows on it's own without a UV light!
The second surprise it had for me which was completely unexpected, is that it's a matt polish! There was no way to know that it was a matt polish, it said nothing on the website and says nothing on the bottle, but it is absolutely gorgeous!

This picture was taken outdoors on the same grey overcast morning that I took the pictures of the Summer Peach, there was no direct sunlight in sight and look at how bright it is!! It leans ever so slightly on the orangey side and the quality of the matt effect is just flawless!

This second picture was taken indoors in artificial light and though it does dampen the brightness a little, it allows you to see properly and appreciate the gorgeous orangy pink colour without being blinded by the neon, and again, how cool is this colour in matt?

As much as I love the matt effect I couldn't help myself, and had to put on a glossy top coat too to see what this baby looks like when it's shiny! 

Again, this first picture is taken outdoors and as you can see the glossy top coat doesn't effect the neon brightness at all, it's still absolutely stunning!

This is the second picture taken in artificial light and still looks gorgeous with the top coat. This polish is beautiful with or without the top coat but I have to say that I prefer the matt finish, it's like having day glow velvet on my nails! I love this pink and I really don't know why I don't have so much of pink in my collection!

Now, looking past the gorgeous colours let's evaluate the polish itself. The first thing to note is that the polish goes on the nail slightly darker than it appears in the bottle, I think the thick glass makes it look lighter, so keep that in mind when choosing your colours.

The application was a litte tricky, these polishes have quite a thick consistency and is quite streaky when you apply it with the brush, the streaks do even out nicely as the polish settles and spreads on the nail though, but you really need thick coats to make sure the streaks even out, they are much more visible with thin coats and don't even out so well. The trick is to apply thick coats with as few brush strokes as possible.

For the Summer Peach polish, a good base coat and top coat made a really big difference and really brought the best out of the polish. With Voodoo obviously a top coat removes the matt effect, but the matt effect was nice enough without needing a top coat, as long as it had a good base coat underneath it.

For these pictures I was wearing 3 thick coats of polish, both base and top coat for the Summer Peach, and base coat for the matt Voodoo.

So there you have it, the first proper swatches of these gorgeous colours! If you don't own them already then be sure to visit Pink Tiger and snap those bottles up before they disappear, they are too stunning to not own them! I will be back next week with a full review of the Duri Rejuvacote, and I will also let you know about the durability of the colour polishes and how well they last as I will be wearing one of these beauties on my tootsies for the rest of the week!!


  1. loving review! Great photos :)

    1. Thanks honey! I have been practising as per your tips and reccomendations ;) xxx


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