Saturday, 20 July 2013

My First Nail Art Challenge - Inspired by Artists - Week 1 Michelangelo

So this week I have participated in my first ever nail art challenge! I have seen a few around that I have been vaguely interested in, but this one I just had to be part of! The challenge is inspired by artists, and there are 12 weeks of pre selected artists to be inspired from, ranging from classic, to contemporary, abstract, and a lot more besides, there is a really great variety. There is also a final 13th week for an artist of your choice. My favourite of all time is not on the list so he will be number 13 and no I'm not telling you who, you have to wait for the surprise! The nail art challenge has been organised by the facebook group Llama Nails and if you want to join in you can find the group HERE.

So week number 1 of the challenge is Michelangelo! What a tough one! His art is so incredibly intricate and detailed, he painted the Sistine Chapel for god's sake! How are you supposed to live up to that?!!!

I wracked my brain for ages trying to figure what would be the easiest thing to do considering all the fine detail that wouldn't fit on the nail anyway, and after much deliberation and searching of google images and I finally chose one and came up with an idea! So this is my image of choice...

And here is the mani I came up with!

For the Index and and little fingers I created a marble statue effect on my freezer bag. I had to mix a couple of polises to get the colour I wanted, and one of them is an Italian underwear store brand that they give you free with your knickers so you will never find it anyway! The middle and ring fingers are the blue clouded sky like the background of the Sistine Chapel images. I used Sinful Colours 'Cinderella' as the blue base, and with a cling film ball I did a white cloud pattern with the Sinful Colours 'Snow Me White'.

The Angel thumb is my little custom made mixture, and the wings are mainly LA Girl Fruity 'Blissful Blackberry'', and I painted it using nail art brushes. It obviously isn't an exact replica of the image but I think it's a pretty good effort!

I'm just glad I managed to come up with anything at all, after having lived in Italy (Rome of all places!) for more than 5 years and having had the fortune to see much of Michelangelo's work in real life with my own eyes, including the Sistine Chapel 3 times! It would have been tragic to have not done anything for this challenge!!


  1. This is really impressive, great work :)

  2. Pretty good? I think you did awesome on that little cherub!


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