Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch Turquoise

As promised today I bring you the first of my colour swatches from my favourite cheap Aussie budget brand ''Satin'' (see previous post for details on the brand) and the first I chose to show you is one of my favourites, this gorgeous shimmery metallic turquoise (No. 2).

 As this polish is very shimmery it does leave subtle brush marks on the nail, but personally I don't mind that as long as it's not too obvious. If even the slightest brush marks bother you then this would still be a great polish to wear as undies for some glitter bomb, or to do some nail art on top of and you wouldn't even see the brush marks anymore.
I love this colour as it's so bright and the metallic sheen really makes it stand out, it has good opacity and dries pretty fast too.

Unfortunately it's grey and rainy in my area this week and is set to stay like this for a good few days yet, which makes outdoor shots in sunlight a no no, so these shots have been taken indoors with artificial lighting. The problem with artificial lighting is that it does not represent the true colour properly and sometimes changes it completely, so I confess to having made some colour adjustments in photoshop. Having worked for many years in graphic design I am a bit of a photoshop nerd though, so I promise that even though colour adjustments have been made, the colour that you see is a true representation of what you will get if you purchase this polish. Obviously it may vary ever so slightly depending on our monitor settings, but it should still be pretty spot on! There are 2 coats of polish on these nails, no top coat.

I'll be back tomorrow with another beautiful colour from this collection!

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