Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Birthday Haul Y'all!

So today is my birthday and the nail polish Gods have shined upon me in all their wondrous glory! 

First I woke up to find a special package in the post box, my holographic spectraflair has arrived!! And just in time for my birthday party on friday so I can have awesome sparkly holographic nails! THANK YOU NAIL GODS!

That on it's own would have been awesome enough, but the nail polish Gods were not done with me yet! 
I decided that today I was going to go to my local shopping center to treat myself to some new nail polish. I didn't plan on going mad, our wedding wasn't so long ago and them things be expensive, we're still trying to recover financially from that blow to our pockets, so I was going to be sensible and just give myself a little treat - 3 or 4 bottles maybe, 5 tops.
But upon my arrival to the shopping centre I was greeted with a glorious sight, the temporary stalls that have a different vendor selling different stuff each week, was filled with DISCOUNT NAIL POLISH!!! There was a MASSIVE selection of known brands and non, and every single bottle was $2 each or 3 for $5! I almost fainted I tell you I couldn't believe it! Here was me going to the shopping centre with the sole purpose of buying nail polish for my birthday, believing I was going to have to restrain myself, and right before my eyes appeared this magic little stall full of nail polish goodies all dirt cheap! The budget bitches dream!!! THANK YOU NAIL GODS!

Needless to say my original plan of ''not going mad'' went straight out the window, this bargain opportunity was not to be missed!!! My 5 bottle limit ended up being a whopping 22 and an official birthday haul! Ahhh the joy!! I could not believe my luck, I am generally a very unlucky person!

So here it is ladies, my fabulous birthday haul!

I got some wonderful stuff in here, LA Girls, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colours, and a few other brands I never heard of, I got a glow in the dark polish, a black light polish, colour changing polish, colour shifters, holographic moon shaped glitters, some clear polishes for jelly frankens that I wanted to do, top coats to mix my spectra flair with (which is the bottle in the front row far left) sooooooo many goodies! Honestly I could barely contain myself and could have bought twice this! Apparently the stall will still be there for another week, so if I have a good week of work I may even be tempted to go back!! 

This is my spectacular spectraflair that arrived in the post, and I'm gonna be all mad scientist like, frankening stuff for the next couple of days so I will have awesome birthday nails!!!

This is a 2 gram bottle (about the same size as a standard polish bottle) with the coarse grade 35 spectraflair, already mixed in lacquer suspension base (as it's now illegal to post the powder form). I will of course share information about where to purchase and costs etc, I just think I should actually use it and try it out first, make sure it's ok before I go recommending it to anyone else! So keep your eyes peeled for that post!

In other news, today I will be selecting a winner from my Facebook Page for the nail art kit giveaway, (the nail Gods have shined on me and so I will share the wealth!) there is lots of cool stuff in this little pack, including polishes, striping tape, decals and rhinestones! If you are now kicking yourself because you have missed out on the giveaway, then I suggest you head on over to my FB page HERE right now and get liking, before you miss the next opportunity to win freebies! 

Before my wonderful nail God endowed day today, I did have another post with a new nail design planned, and I still want to post it, but I think it's going to need a new post of it's own as I would like to explain the techniques I used, and this post is already too lengthy! So yaaaaaaaaaay for double birthday blogging! See you in 10 with my super pretty Japanese Geisha design!

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