Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nail mail = disappointing :(

Warning: This post is more of a rant than anything!

I've been excited to death for over a week about the water decal paper I finally got around to ordering on Ebay, and had 20 million ideas for it all planned out, my photoshop document with all the designs I want to print is ready to go, and so when I got my package of paper in the post today I was ecstatic, at least until I opened the package and read the instructions...

1. Print designs on paper with inkjet printer.
2, Spray designs with clear acrylic gloss spray

Wait what??? What clear acrylic gloss spray? This was not included in the package, and in the 50 reviews I read about decal paper, and the 50 tutorials I watched on youtube, not ONCE did anybody mention anything about acrylic gloss spray. So it would appear that I have gone and purchased the one kind of decal paper that no-one else in the nail world has ever come across for which you need this spray before you can even use it, and what really annoys me is that nowhere on the sellers listing does it say that to use this paper you will need other products.

Now it might not sound like a big deal, but if I buy something I expect to be able to use it immediately as is, and if any additional items are required for it's use, or I might incur further costs before I can use it, I expect to be notified of this BEFORE I make a purchase, not when it arrives at my door. When you buy stamping plates it usually says ''stamp & scraper not included'' or if you buy something electrical that requires batteries there is always something that lets you know if they are included or not, and that you may require additional stuffs to use the thing you have purchased, this is standard procedure, and for a good reason!

The biggest issue for me? I live in the middle of nowhere! The only thing I have in a half hour radius of my house is a supermarket, a pharmacy, a vets and a bottle shop! I don't even have public transport in my suburb! So now, before I can use my paper, My husband has to take time out of his work schedule to drive me more than half an hour away to the nearest city, costing us gas, and then wonder around trying to find a craft store that sells the right spray. But let's face it, if it was that easy for me to go to a crafts store, then I would have bloody well done that in the first place instead of ordering from Ebay wouldn't I?!

I chose this seller because they offered free postage, and in the end it's going to cost me more in petrol money and buying this spray product than it would have to pay another seller their 3 dollars postage fee, and all because this chosen seller doesn't bother to let their customers know that their product is useless you have additional items.

What the hell happened to Ebay anyway? It used to be a shoppers haven but my last few experiences with it have been really bad, one seller even made personal threats against my husband and I when we left him negative (but honest) feeedback! I tried to find a lipstick the other day because the retail price for me was too much, and the sellers on ebay were selling the exact same lipstick for 2x the retail price!! What the actual F**k? Shall I just go buy stuff from the local make-up store and sell that on ebay for twice the price too??

So now I'm pissed off and don't know what to do. If I'm going to drive the half hour to the post office to send it back, (postage which is not free for me!) then at that point I may as well just go shopping for this stupid spray, it would just be cheaper to take the loss and go back to ebay to buy the proper stuff, but the last 3 times on ebay I've been fooled, or jipped or ripped off somehow, I don't bloody trust it anymore! I don't even know how these sellers even have positive feedback!

Has it been like this for anyone else recently? Or is it just my account that has some secret code in it somewhere letting sellers know that I'm a mug just waiting to have the piss taken out of?? I'd be very curious to know. Either way, I still don't have the stupid decal paper that I've wanted forever.

Anyways, the lesson here ladies, is when it comes to decal paper apparently there is some obscure kind that requires you to buy spray stuff for it, and the sellers are not going to bother telling you that either, so if you are going to buy the stuff make sure you ask what kind it is first!!!

end rant /

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  1. No, you didn't get an obscure kind, all the decal paper hat I have used for my nail art requires the designs that are printed with an ink jet printer to be sealed. The instructions all say to use a spray on the ones I've bought, but I just only used clear nail polish to seal the ink so it doesn't run in the water. That is what I recommend in all my tutorials too. I've also read somewhere that hair spray works too, but I've not tried that cause the polish works perfectly.

  2. So your's is the one review and tutorial that I missed then! Typical! Thanks for the info it is VERY much appreciated! I've been sat sulking for the last 2 days over the inability to use this paper, now I got the tricks I can go ahead and give it a try! Thanks so much! x


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