Monday, 3 June 2013

It's not just about the pretties!

Well it is, but to get pretties you also need tips and tricks and I have a few up my sleeve! So blogging shouldn't just be about posting pics of my admirable nail art skills, but helping you ladies develop bad ass nail skills of your own. So I won't just be sharing mani's here, but cool little tricks to make it easier for you.

Todays magic nail tip is all about clean up. As many of you will know, Nail stamping and sponging gradients and water marbling is a messy business! Those poor cuticles get covered in polish, and then are subjected to further abuse when you have to scrub them with acetone to get those messes off, resulting in dry crusty cuticles that can ruin even the best of manicures! Well fear not ladies, your cuticles shall suffer no more!

A while ago I was playing crafts with a friends daughter, and she was having fun with the PVA glue, just as I did when I was at school, spreading it all over her hands to let it dry and then giggle with glee as she peeled off her glue gloves. (Her older brother looked on with dissaproval, he considered this to be a waste of PVA glue when you could really use it to copy someone elses finger prints and  then cover your own to do a bank robbery, kids these days hey!)

But it was during this playtime that I had a light bulb moment, PVA cuticle protectors!

The next time I did a nail gradient with that lovely spongy mess, I did some prep and first coated my finger tips with PVA using a small paint brush, leaving only the nail bed free by painting around it just after the cuticle and then let everything dry. I proceeded with the sponging, and as predicted, covered my fingers with polish. But it didn't take me hours to clean up, as I just peeled that dry glue right off and all that polish on my fingers and cuticles just came right off with it leaving a perfect crisp curved line around my nail polish at the base! Miracles! My cuticles have never been dry and crusty again since that wonderful day!

I have also used this technique for water marbling. Let it be said that despite many attempts I have not yet done one successful water marble, it totes hates me, but theres nothing worse than trying time and time again, failing in continuation and then having to do that shitty clean up too, without even having the awesome mani to show for it. I used to do the taping method around the nail, but it was so awkward, it reduced my dexterity so much which you need when you're doing your nails, and I still ended up with a nasty clean up on the cuticles which suffer the most with the acetone. The PVA glue is like a second skin, I could still use my hands properly when trying to bust tricky moves to get cool patterns on the nails, and then I just whipped the glue off and had perfectly clean fingers and nails.

PVA glue is the future my friends.

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