Thursday, 6 June 2013

Peacock nails with DIY transfers

I've been wanting to do this design for a while and I knew it was going to take a long time to do, so I scheduled in a free afternoon this week just to do my nails. Of course all the planning in the world isn't going to stop your nail breaking when it bloody well feels like it, and the very night before I was due to do this mani, the tip of my nail on the middle finger snapped clean off, couldn't even glue it back on GGRRRRRR. I was keen to do this design though, and wasn't going to let this little breakage but a dampner on my afternoon of nailgasms, and I went ahead and did the mani anyway, so you're all going to have to excuse litlle miss stubby in the middle there. (again, GGRRRRR).

You will also have to excuse the profanity, but I F**KING LOVE this mani. I've actually already been wearing it for 2 days, I was waiting for the sun to come out so I could take the best possible picture of it, but alas, the Aussie weather has not been forthcoming and it's been overcast and grey for days. I dared not wait any longer to take the pics as it was only a matter of a very short time before there would have been signs of tip wear and chipping, and this mani needs to be seen in all it's wondrous glory, so it's done inside with harsh lighting, better than nothing though, and still beautiful! There are 3 different techniques in this design, gradients, nail stamping and home made transfers.

I started with a base of my Italiano cheapo Chresy brand that hath no name or number, (not that you're going to find this stuff anywhere anyway!) for the gradient I used another nameless cheapo that I don't even know how I have come to posses, it just says Nail Lacquer Pastel Touch on the bottle and the colour is P39. Its a gorgeous dark teal cream polish and one of my favourite colours. This is the centre colour on the gradient, the darker colour near my cuticle is Rimmel, I love lasting finish, in colour 199 Go Cobalt. A very nice dark blue with a really subtle shimmer. I stamped the design with a polish I got from Rubi shoe shop of all places, it's their own brand of polish named Gold Digger, and I used plate BM212, and added some rhinestones for extra colour and sparkle.

For the accent nails on my Thumb and ring finger, I used the home made transfer method. Trying to explain in too much detail is going to be a bit lengthy, so I when I can re-find the video tutorial on Youtube that gave me the idea I will gladly post it for you!
To put it briefly I used a dotting tool to paint the feather design with polish onto a plastic freezer bag, and then covered the entire design with clear top coat. I left it for several hours to dry properly, and then peeled the design off the plastic with tweezers and stuck it to my nail with another coat of topcoat.  It came out really well and I was super pleased with it. Here is a close up of the feather detail on the thumb.

To paint the feather I used several polishes, the blue centre is a really old constance carol polish my mum recently rid herself of, named Party Pluto, it has really nice purple tones to it that don't really show in the photo, (damn you overcast skies!) The gold detail is K-mart super cheap brand ($1!), BC. Co in shade 23, and the fine feather detail is done in one of my favourite go to polihes, Debora Shine Tech Number 71.

I really loved this transfer method and it was super easy, even to do a nice neat design for my right hand. I have some more great ideas for this technique and will be using one of them for my next mani, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days! (I'm not taking this off until it's ruined, sorry but would you??!)

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