Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Light Blue Glitter Mix

Today I bring you glitter, because every girl needs lots of glitter in her life! This is not my favourite glitter polish from this collection, as usual I'm saving the best til last, but it's still very pretty.

This Polish is colour number 20, a mixture of holographic small dotted and bar glitter in light blue tones, and comes in a very lightly tinted blue jelly base. I have to say I'm not entirely sure how I feel about bar glitters, sometimes I see them and hate them, occasionally I have seen some and loved them, most of the time they just make me feel... meh. This polish is a weird one for me, sometimes I look at it and think, yeah I like this one, other times I look at it and I'm like ''meh''. I guess you just have to be in the mood for bar glitter.

 I layered the polish over white undies to see the colour of the jelly base, but the tint is really subtle. It makes me wonder if it is actually a jelly polish or just colour bleed from the glitters, but the glitters seemed to have retained their colour quite well, so who knows!
It goes on quite well though has to be dabbed rather than swiped, but it does have good coverage and you don't have to fish around the bottle to try and get enough glitter on the brush. In the pics I have 1 coat on my ring and little fingers, and 2 coats on the middle and index fingers. 

The pictures were taken in artificial light with no flash, so they dont pick up the holographic effect too much, but the polish is much sparklier in real life. I love the blue tones in this colour, but wish the jelly base was more heavily tinted, so I may just have to franken this one with a couple of drops of another nice blue to darken it up a little!

I have only 3 more poishes in this collection to show you, and then I'm going to start swatching my birthday haul, it has to be done, there are 22 new polishes that need testing and showing off!

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