Saturday, 15 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Midnight Blue

I apologise for not posting yesterday, I am aiming to post something everyday to keep you all entertained, but sometimes life gets in the way. My husband has been a bit stressed out with his employment situation lately, and that stress came to a head on Thursday night. So when we woke up yesterday and saw the first sunny day we have had in 2 or 3 weeks (and it was absolutely glorious not a cloud in the sky anywhere!), I took full advantage of it to take my lovely hubby out and take his mind off things. We went for a lovely walk in our local park, saw some beautiful Japanese gardens, we laid on the grass and soaked up the sun, then we went to see some weird Aussie animals (a jumping mouse with eyes almost bigger than its head and back legs like a kangaroo? Seriously? I sometimes wonder if god was high when he was working on Australia!) We had some lovely smoked steak for lunch, then came home to drink lots of wine (well I had the usual quarter glass before I was trolleyed and he drank the rest!) played some cards, ate lot's of chocolate and watched some movies. I enforced a no computer rule for the day so his head wouldn't wonder back to work stuff, and obviously I had to respect the rule myself to be supportive. So no post yesterday, but ya know, sometimes we have to put our personal endeavours aside to be there for the ones we love! He felt so much better afterwards and his head is in a better place now, so it was definitely worth it! 

But I will make it up to you today by bringing you this beautiful colour swatch from my fave cheap Aussie budget brand, Satin, this is colour No. 21, a deep dark midnight blue colour with a gorgeous royal blue shimmer

 This colour goes on  well, but due to the shimmer it leaves very subtle brush streaks, less so than in these images though, it was only when I uploaded the images to the PC (and removed the polish!) that I realised I had not done a great job of applying it and could have been more careful.

It's a really beautiful color, so dark and bright at the same time. I don't think it's an actual duochrome but I love how it turns from the darkest blue to the really bright royal blue in the light. I think this would be a really great base for galaxy nail art.

Without even realising it, it turns out that I am very into blue shades of polish. It was only when I set up my nail bar last week and displayed all my polishes in order of colour, that I realised I had more blue toned polishes than any other colour, which is odd because if you asked me what my favourite polish colours were I would say red and purple, but my collection begs to differ! But then I look at a gorgeous colour like this one and all that blue starts to make sense!

I'll be back tomorrow with a proper duochrome for you!

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