Sunday, 16 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Pearlescent Duochrome

So yesterday I promised you all a duochrome for todays post, and this is one of three that I have in this collection, I like this polish but it's probably my least favourite of all three (sometimes you just gotta save the best til last!) but only because it's the most subtle!

This a white shimmery polish that gives off fuchsia and violet hues in the light and reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell, it has a very mother of pearl like quality to it. This polish is really transparent though, no opacity at all. I tried to put it on my nails as is but it would have taken too many coats to get full opacity, and as my nails look like crap without polish (I have really uneven nail beds from years of biting) I really don't like transparent polishes, but if you have great looking nails and are looking for a lightly tinted subtle sheer this would be great.

Because I didn't feel like showing off my manky nail beds, I decided to use some undies with this and layered it over black and white creme polishes.

The polish was too subtle over white for my liking, you could barely pick up the colours at all (though admittedly still more than what you can see from this photo) and it was hard to distinguish the two seperate colours fuchsia and violet that just merged into one pinky purple tone.

 It wasn't completely invisible though, and if you like to wear white nail polish (that looks great when you have a tan) this polish would certainly jazz it up a bit. I didn't think of it at the time but I would be curious to know what this polish looks like over colours.

Next I tried it over a black creme polish and as these things tend to be it was much more visible, but the black changed the tone of the colours completely.

Over the back polish I put one coat on the index and little finger, and two coats on the middle and ring finger. (the white just had 2 coats on all fingers as it wouldn't have been noticeable at all). As you can see the violet tones become a much deeper purple tone.

The fuchsia was barely visible at all, you can just make it out around the white reflections in the first photo, which makes me wonder if it wouldn't be more visible in natural sun light, unfortunately I didn't have any sun when I took these pictures though!

Overall this polish doesn't really cut it for me as a duochrome, I would be tempted to franken it with a tiny touch more of fuchsia and violet pigments, or turn it into something else entirely. but it is still pretty and not without it's purpose. There are plenty of girls out there who love sheer, subtle, natural looking polishes and though it wasn't for me, I know someone out there would appreciate it more than I do. Fortunately the other two duochromes I have in this collection are much more to my liking, and I will show you those later!

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