Friday, 28 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Golden Silver Metallic Glitter

This week I have been very busy preparing some nail art to feature as guest posts on some other great nail blogs! I have done 2 great designs, one for an Australian nail blog and the other for a British nail blog, so I promise that in the next few days there are going to be some lovely pretties to see and I will provide all links to the guest posts here too so keep an eye out!

 In the meantime I bring you the latest Satin colour swatch, this lovely sparkly golden silver glitter. This is colour number 6 and in the bottle it looks to be a nice bronze toned gold polish, it looks very warm and neutral but not that sparkly, but on the nail it's a whole other story! I describe it as a golden silver as on the nail the tone changes a lot and is a much cooler shade, and it looks to me that the polish is gold but the glitter flecks in it are actually silver.
 As you can see once on the nail that warm coppery tone just disappears and becomes a much cooler metallic tone, and the silver glitter flecks are much more visible. This polish is quite confusing as in certain light it's really hard to tell whether it is actually gold or silver. In the picture I am wearing 2 coats.
Originally I thought this might be a good polish for nail stamping as I thought the tiny glitter particles would give good visibility, but unfortunately I was wrong. The polish itself its not very opaque and the glitter just looked scattered across the nail in a half pattern half random kind of way. 

It is the high glitter content that gives this polish opacity.

I really like this polish though, it's not quite what I expected from the bottle, but I love metallic shades and this is a particularly unusual one, I've never seen a polish before that could neither be described as gold or silver!  What colour do you guys reckon it is??!

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