Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Satin Colour Swatch - Fairy Vomit!

Today I tried one of my budget Satin colours, that I bought months ago and never got around to wearing yet!

This is No. 35, and is a glitter polish, just the one type of standard size pastel holographic glitter in a pink jelly base. Now I know I bought this because the glitter caught my eye, and probably haven't worn it yet because even though I do sometimes wear pink it's not very often. I have to admit I really loved this polish even if it isn't really me at all, it looked like a fairy had vomited on my nails, and I don't really do 'super girly', so it turns out it's one of those things that I hate to love, but it is soooooo pretty!

The pink jelly base is only very lightly tinted so I decided I would layer it over a white base (Sinful Colours 'Snow Me White') and that turned out to be a good move as you probably wouldn't have seen the pink of the lacquer at all on a natural nail. Again the weather is working against me so no sunshine and photos are done in artificial light, but at least the camera picked up the correct colours this time and I didn't have to do any colour corrections in photoshop, which is good because it means I don't have to sacrifice my own skin colour to get a real representation of the polish. (You may have noticed in yesterdays post that my hands were deathly pale and translucent, yeah I'm british, but not that pale! Unfortunately it was the only result I could get if the colour of the polish was to stay true.)

It was still a difficult polish to photograph in artificial light, we all know that only the sunshine will do real justice to a holographic polish or glitter, so I've taken 2 sets of photos, both in artificial light and one with the addition of the flash.

These two pictures were taken without the flash, as you can see the pink jelly is very very subtle, but in real life the colour is slightly darker than what you can see in these pictures, and though you can see clearly the pretty pastel glitter the picture hasn't captured it's holographic effect. 
I promise you though that this polish is very sparkly when you wear it, even in artificial light! I really wish the sun had been out as my guess would be that this stuff is amazing in the sun, I will have to try it out again as soon as we get nicer weather!
This and the following picture are taken with the flash, I had really hoped that it would have brought out the sparkle in the glitter more but it didn't really, if anything it made it too bright to see the glitter at all, and it doesn't show the variety of colours in the glitter like in the pictures with no flash.
The good thing about the flash pictures, however, was that they gave a much truer representation of the colour of the jelly base, it is subtle but as you can see it is a little deeper and more visible in these pictures taken with the flash, which is more like how you see it on the nail.
 This polish was a little tricky to apply, you wont get much glitter with standard brush strokes, it really has to be dabbed on  to get a good amount of glitter, (which, as you can see, I did not have much luck with on my middle finger) but luckily the polish does spread out nicely on the nail. Just be careful to let the first layer dry well before you apply a second, as this jelly polish will literally turn to jelly, and form gelatine like lumps on the nail without spreading out properly, here I did 2 coats of the glitter jelly.

And there you have it, pretty fairy vomit nails!

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