Monday, 17 June 2013

BlogLovin - How to get the most out of the blogs you love!

So I finally installed BlogLovin on this blog, and after having a good look around I decided to post some information to you all about it, as it turns out it's not just a useful tool for those who have blogs, but also for the readers! If you follow and read a lot of blogs and have trouble keeping up with them all BlogLovin will really help you out with that!

What is BlogLovin?

Bloglovin’ is an online service that gathers up all the blogs you read, in one place. Rather than registering for each blog by email subscription (which can clog up your inbox with multiple “new blog” emails) or clicking around lots of homepages looking for updates, Bloglovin’ collects the fresh news for you like an online personal blog assistant!

Key Features:

1. It's really easy to sign up, it has a super simple user interface and takes just 5 minutes.

2. It has a feed page where you can see all your favourite blogs listed, and you can add any blog you want just by adding the blog's URL.

3. There is also a blog post feed, where it will show you all the latest posts from your favourite blogs, and each post has a ''mark as read'' button so you can keep track of the posts you have already read and those you still need to read later.

4. It has a handy little plug in for your web browser which alerts you in real time whenever there is a new post to read, without having to obsessively click refresh like in Google Reader or Blogger Feed.

5. The site can suggest new blogs for you to follow based on your current interests, and you can follow new blogs with one click, just like on Twitter or Instagram.

6. In your settings you can choose to receive daily emails giving a summary of what posts are available to read that day.

7. The site also has an iphone and Smart Phone App that you can download so you can keep up with your favourite blogs wherever you are!

Being a new blogger I've done a fair bit of research into blog management tools and this is by far the easiest, simplest, yet most effective I have come across. I have also been reading rumours online that Google will be suspending use of the Google Friend Connect following method for blogs this year, and I can't help but believe that might actually be true as I have noticed several great services that they have closed down recently including the Google Check Out system. It would seem that after buying out every great service on-line they may have bitten off more than they can chew, and are refining and cutting down on the services that they manage.

So I would definitely recommend you join the BlogLovin community, not only because it's a great service, but also because you might find that later on this year you will loose all the connections to your favourite blogs through Google Friend Connect, I obviously can't confirm this rumour to be 100% fact, but personally, I won't be taking the risk!

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