Saturday, 31 August 2013

Swatch and Review - Glitter Gal

Hey all, I'm back with some more great polishes to review kindy sent to me by Maconii, and today I bring you some gorgeous holo's from Aussie brand Glitter Gal!

I have 4 polishes to show you, and each polish has 3 images, the first two pictures for each polish were taken in direct sun light, and the third pic in artificial light. This first polish is a golden lime green '24 Carat''. This polish was slightly on the sheer side and I applied 3 coats where as with the other 3 polishes I only applied 2 coats.

 This second polish is a warm and neutral coffee colour and is called ''Suede'', I'm going to enjoy wearing this once when I get a nice tan in the summer as neutral colours always suit me better with a tan!

The third polish is ''Frappe'' and is a lovely sweet lilac. Honestly I'm not normally a fan of lilac, on receiving this I realised I didn't have a single lilac polish before this one and yet I love it! Who knew!?


The last polish is my favourite of the bunch (those who follow me regularly know I always leave the best til last!) and this is a stunning dark purple called ''Crushed Ego''. WIth the deep colour it was difficult to catch the full holo effect on camera but it was much more visible in real life.

I found the application of these polishes to be quite good, though they did not agree with base coat at all. I tried both a normal base coat and an acqua base, but these holo's applied very streaky over both, without a base coat at all they went on perfectly smooth and even though. The holo effect is quite subtle compared to similar polishes I have seen and yet is still very visible, even in artificial light. I would definitely recommend these holo's and the Glitter Gal collection also has a huge range of colours to choose from! You can check them at out at Maconii.

Tomorrow I will be continuing with the spotllight on polishes available from this great country, and have swatches of a couple more Aussie brand beauty's!

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