Thursday, 8 August 2013

'Nfu - Oh' Swatch & Review Feature Week, Day 4 - Flakies Collection

Thanks for tuning in to day 4 of the Nfu - Oh swatch and review feature week, where CRUSH COSMETICS have sent me some of their awesome polishes to show you all, today's being particularly special as we're onto the magical flakies collection!

I have 3 fabulous flakies to show you today, and first up is Nfu - Oh number 40, a stunning multi coloured flaky topper in a clear base. This is a really versatile polish as there are so many different colours in the flakes of this polish that you get a totally different look with every colour of undies you layer it with.
To start with I have it layered over a black creme polish as the colours in flakies are always the strongest and much more visible over dark polishes.

Over dark polishes this flaky comes up in variations of blue and green tones, starting with this strong forest green colour.

As you move your nails in the light and the blue tones start to merge with the green you get this gorgeous teal colour, and I would say that this teal is the most dominant of the shifting colour.

 Finally it moves over to this bright royal blue, but the shades can vary depending on lighting. These pictures are taken in full sun, but in the harsh white light of my computer monitor the colours came up lime green and purple, so there is a really nice variety of colours.

I also tried this flaky over a white base and it was like I had used a completely different polish and the colours shown were yellows, peaches and light pinks. Over light colours the effect is very subtle, it's quite visible to the naked eye but very difficult to capture on camera.  I have this one image of the polish layered over white which is the best I could get. I admit that I had to mess around with it in photoshop to improve the visibility and as a result the light effect of the irridescence has suffered, but you can see what I mean about the totally different colours from just one polish.

I also tried this flaky over the Nfu - Oh pink creme 354 which was even more impossible to get a great photo of, but layered over this pink I got a whole new set of colours from the flaky again with a really beautiful mixture of mint greens, sky blues and bright violet. 

The second fab flaky I have to show you is Nfu - Oh number 51, and this is a truly magical flaky in a tinted colour shifting jelly base. The jelly base is a deep blue toned purple but at the same time also appears as a magenta purple because of the flakes. The jelly base is pigmented enough to wear without undies if you have the patience to apply a few coats.

The flakes themselves have a mixture of red, copper, gold and green tones, with the red being the dominant colour giving the blue purple jelly base that magenta tone.

As you turn your nails in the light the red tones of the flakes become much less giving way to copper, gold and green, and as the redness is diminished you start to see better the cooler, bluer tones of the purple jelly base.

Turn the polish to the light just right and you can almost eliminate the red tone completely giving this gorgeous rich blue jelly base with gold and green flakes.

Then I layered this polish over a simple black creme base and got a whole new set of colours! The red of the flakes and the purple of the jelly base give this gorgeous metallic plum glow when I have my back to the sun and the light hits my hand directly.

 When I turned 180 degrees so I was now facing the sun and the lighting was coming from behind my hand the plum vanished and I got this gorgeous lizard green with copper tones, it was like a completely different polish!

The last of the flakies is Nfu - Oh number 59 and is a dark rusty orange jelly base with gold, copper and green flakes. This also has a jelly base pigmented enough to get a decent opacity with a few coats so you can wear it without undies.
The dominant colours are this dark orange jelly base and rich, copper and gold fakes.

Here  you can start to see the colour shift of the flakes moving from darker tones, to lighter and brighter tones of copper, gold and the first hint of green. The lighter tones of the flakes also lighten the shade of the jelly base slightly.

Finally, the jelly base becomes almost a bronzed tan colour as the glow of the yellow and green of the flakes become more visible, and you're wowed by all these warm autumn colours.

Then I tried it over black, and it was really difficult to get a good picture in direct sunlight, the harsh light didn't pick up the depth of the flaky effect and eliminated the golden low lights, but the dominant colour was a rusty red.

When I took the picture facing the other way and out of direct sunlight I got a much better colour  variation from the polish starting with this bright gold and copper.

The last colour in the shift is green and it's only a light tint, gold and copper really dominate this polish over a black base.

The great thing about these polishes was the application, they went on much smoother than I had expected despite that they are very densely packed with flakes. With the topper number 40 you can get fantastic flaky coverage in just one coat, and with the tinted jelly bases you can still get lots of flake on your nails by applying thin coats so you don't have to extend the trying time by daubing it on just to get more sparkle They dry pretty fast for jelly based polishes, and they didn't need any top coat for a high gloss shine.
They also maintain a nice visibility in artificial light so they look this good all the time!  

Thats a good excuse as any to head on over to CRUSH COSMETICS to grab some, and they have a really great selection of these flakies!

Tomorrow I have the final collection to swatch for you and it's a beauty of course, after which follows a nail art weekend so make sure you don't miss that!

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