Friday, 23 August 2013

Kaleidoscopic Nails Inspired by Susan Drummen

On my facebook wall the other day appeared this link to an article about an artist Susan Drummen and her amazing gallery installations, that were just breath taking and totally inspiring, so I tried to capture her art on my nails. 

Before I even show you the mani click HERE and see the article I'm talking about, no seriously do it, you do not want to miss this and you will totally thank me for it, also my nails will make so much more sense if you see this first.

Seen it? HOW AMAZING IS THIS WOMAN? Those super colourful kaleidoscopic patterns created entirely from thousands and thousands of individual pieces of glass, mirror, crystals and tiles, the patience that woman must have to create something like that, seeing those images made me want to tile my whole house in the same way, but I settled for my nails instead, which was much less time consuming and considerably cheaper! So here is my Susan Drummen Kaleidoscope mani...

I tried to match the style of the artist by using different materials to create the image, and so as well as the dots the patterns have also been created with rhinestones, individually placed holographic glitters and caviar beads. You will hae to excue me if I don't go into the polishes I used, there are a total of 21 different colours in this mani! 

My only regret is that my nails are not big enough to continue these patterns in the infinite manner that the artist does, hmmm, looks like I'm gonna have to get to tiling my house anyway!! It has to be done!


  1. so cool, great inspiration & beautifully executed ☼


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