Saturday, 17 August 2013

Holographic Meadow Mani Nail Fail!

So, I posted a kak mani yesterday and you still came back?? Well you're in for a treat then as today I bring you another equally kak mani! :)

I found this gorgeous dark green shimmer polish in a sale bin this week and had to use it immediately, I imagined this beautful meadow scene with fresh, pretty daisies and crazy cool holographic grass accents, this is what I got instead! 

It's not how I imagined it would turn out, the holographic polish I used is actually green, but next to the dark green looks silver instead (and thats not just in the pic either, it looks like silver in real life too) and silver with green isn't really helping my intended theme, and is somewhat out of place in this mani.

The dark green polish is Sinful Colours 'San Francisco' and the holo is Nfu - Oh 66.

Again, another mani that in my head was drop dead gorgeous, but just didn't translate onto the nail and left me overly unimpressed. This nail fail week needs to come to an end and fast!!! 

Will you still love me even when I have bad nail days??? hahahahahaha

1 comment:

  1. I like it :) I think sometimes you don't like a manicure because it didn't turn out like you'd imagined, but no one else looking at it knows what you imagined, so it's all good!

    And bad nail days happen to us all lol. I was a bit nervous the first time I posted a complete fail manicure on my blog.


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