Friday, 2 August 2013

Lightning Strikes!

OK lets kick off August with the first nail design! 

I have been playing around with my nail brushes recently as I think that with a bit of practice I could do some amazing stuff. I have always been a very artistic person and have been into painting on canvas for years and have a large collection of my works back in my storage unit in Europe. (along woth everything else awesome that I own *sigh*)

Painting on nails is quite different though, Im used to water colours and tempera and now im dealing with lacquers and acrylics, but the most challenging thing for me has been downsizing details. I have gone from huge canvases to tiny little nails, and I struggle to get good detail on such a small space, which is a bummer cos thats my thing, details and patterns. I have painted some pretty intricate patterns on my canvases but replicating that on a nail is almost impossible! But I'm working on it, and Im starting out with some simple stuff and will eventually work up to more complicated stuff as I improve my techniques. 
so here is one of my first attempts at something simple - ish!

So to do these lightning strikes I started with 3 coats of a dark blue base, Rimmels I love lasting finish in ''Go Cobalt''. Next I did the highlighted area, the kind of glow around the actual lightning bolts, and I did this by mixing a drop of white creme polish, you know the one by now - Sinful Colours 'Snow Me White' with a drop of polish thinner to get a milky liquid.Using a flat narrow brush I painted the liquid in lines onto my nail where I wanted the bolts to be, and kept wetting the brush to smudge the white in so there were no harsh lines. Once that was dry I took a liner brush to paint the defined lightnng bolts and then finished with a top coat.

It looks pretty cool but I think it could be better, Im not entirely happy with the white smudged glow area, I think I could work on the technique to get a smoother appearance, and I need to work on getting narrower lines as the actual bolts are a bit too thick for my taste, but the end result isn't too bad.

Anyone have any suggestions for techniques that will help me make this perfect?

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