Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Nfu - Oh' Swatch & Review Feature Week, Day 3 - Glitter Collection

We're back for day 3 of the Nfu - Oh swatch and review week courtesy of CRUSH COSMETICS, and today's polishes are a couple of samples from the spectacular Glitter Collection, Gold and Silver scattered holo glitters!

The first polish I have to show you is Nfu - Oh number GS11, a stunning rich and warm toned gold, it is a colour pigmented base with silver holographic micro glitter throughout. that has a nice opacity in just a couple of coats.

The polish has quite a decent amount of glitter in it, it is just enough to be highly sparkly and colourful without taking away from or covering the gorgeous gold polish. The only problem is that my camera does not seem to appreciate scattered holo glitter at all, it just doesn't catch the light and colours in this glitter properly no matter how I try. Infact, the only way I can get my camera to capture all the colour and sparkle, is if the object is out of focus causing light flares on the glitter!! 
So here is a professionally taken out of focus image! lol. Despite the camera trickery, this is actually much closer to how you see this polish with your own eyes! It has mega sparkle and holo colour strength.

The second polish in the glitter collection is Nfu - Oh number GS07, a crazy, super galactic, holographic, sparkle bonanza! This polish is just pure micro glitter, there is no colour pigment in the base but the glitter content is so high that the base is very densely packed with glitter and it is really easy to achieve full opacity. If you apply a very thin coat you can also use it as a glitter topper for other polishes, but it must be a very thin coat!

This is 3 coats with base coat and top coat, and being a pure glitter polish it is a top coat muncher! You are going to need 2 or 3 layers of top coat if you want to get a smooth glossy finish. Of course my scattered holo hating camera doesn't do this polish any justice so I had to take a blurred image of this one too so you could see the amazing colour range in this holo glitter!

Here is the polish as a glitter topper, one thin coat over a black creme, but it's possible to apply an even thinner coat if you have left the bottle to settle for several hours. Though it remains suspended the majority of the glitter will be sitting towards the bottom of the bottle just because of the density of it,  leaving the top layers of polish in the bottle with a much lower glitter content. So if you can get the job done without disturbing the bottle for a few hours, it will be a very thin coat, but be warned that you only have to tilt the bottle a bit and all the glitter will go mixing and moving around everywhere!

The previous blurred images have indicated the real colour and sparkle you can get from this polish, and over black its just as visible and eye catching!!

Regardless of what my camera shows, believe me when I say that the sparkle in these polishes is AMAZING. I have never come across this silver Nfu - Oh glitter until now but if I had it would have been a major lemming!. These pictures were taken in the sun, but in artificial light and even the shade, these polishes constantly giive off a super visible colourful twinkle. I would have taken more pictures in various light scenarios but what with my camera not catching the glitter properly anyway it would have been a fruitless excersize. You will just have to believe me when I say that these holo glitters will not disappoint!

Believers can get their Nfu - Oh holo glitter fix at CRUSH COSMETICS, and come back tomorrow to catch another installment of this feature week, as the polishes just keep getting better and better!


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