Monday, 5 August 2013

'Nfu - Oh' Swatch & Review Feature Week, Day 1 - Creme Collection

Last week I was a very lucky lady indeed and received some epic nail mail from Australia based CRUSH COSMETICS, who kindly sent me all these fabulous polishes for review!

I chose to review the Nfu-Oh polishes because I've never had them before and they always seemed like they were amazing polishes, but mostly because I haven't seen anyone write about these or use them in nail art at all much recently, and I knew that if it' was as good they say it is, it would be worth a revisitation!

Let me start by putting an end to any further pondering and let you know right now that my feeling was right - Nfu-Oh is most definitely worth a revisitation, I am in LOVE with some of these!

I was sent samples from 5 of the different Nfu - Oh Collections, and so I will be doing a week long feature with swatches for 2 or 3 polishes of each collection, one collection per day for 5 days, and the last 2 days there will be some nail art designs that you can put togther by mixing and matching these collections!. 

The 5 collections to be viewed this week are - Creme, Jelly, Glitter, Flakie, and Holographic.

On Saturday and Sunday I will post some really pretty but simple nail art designs that you can achieve with these polishes. I have been working hard to prepare everything and I am very excited about what I have to show you, todays collection starts with cremes and they are really pretty!

This first image is Nfu - Oh number 354, a smooth baby pastel pink creme with good opacity that manages to be quite mute and subtle yet somehow striking all at the same time! 

The second image is Nfu - Oh number 517, a bright yet dark, magenta leaning purple creme that has a flawless glossy finish.


I found these polishes quite typical of creme formulas, they have the thick consistency that requires careful attention during application to bring out the best of the polish, so application might take a moments more patience but the end result is perfect solid colour and a high gloss finish.

In these photos I wore 3 coats of the polish over a base coat but the opacity was decent and can be achieved with just 2 coats. The drying time was average but that is normal of a thick polish.

Overall I like the  formula and application of these polishes, and I am totally inspired by these colours with all kinds of designs for them popping up in my mind already!

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you another collection of the Nfu-Oh's from CRUSH COSMETICS, so don't miss out, you'll get to see what else these polishes can all do at the end of the week when I do the nail art feature!!!

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