Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shameless Publicity of my Husbands Business - with Water Decals!

I was looking over what is fast becoming a vast collection of naily bits and bobs trying to figure out what to do on my nails, and my eyes wondered over some home printed water decals that I had prepared a while ago but didn't get around to using yet.

These water decals have the logo of my husbands design business - Forehead Design, I wanted to do nails for him to show my support, but also because some of you may actually find his services quite useful! He is a very talented designer who works a lot with web and blog design, photo and film editing, corporate branding and 3D special effects (amongst a million other things), so yes, this is shameless publicity of my husbands useful services to the blogging community!

I have taken inspiration from the logo profile image he uses on his facebook page which you can see (and like!) HERE.

To do this mani I painted a white base using Sinful Colours 'Snow Me White' and mixed together a few different blue polishes to the get the right shade. Then using a sponge I dabbed the blue mixture around the edges, dabbing again with white to blend it in. I finshed by applying the decals and covering with top coat. 

I think my husband's logo is so cute and really clever! The little guy is supposed to be my husband and has the same hairstyle hahaha! These nails were simple and fun to do and I think they look pretty cool! I will have to wear these the next time we go to one of his client networking barbeques as a living advertisement! lol

If you are interested in getting someone to design a blog or website for you, why don't you check out my husbands portfolio and see what he can do!

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