Tuesday, 6 August 2013

'Nfu - Oh' Swatch & Review Feature Week, Day 2 - Jelly Collection

Welcome to day 2 of the Nfu - Oh extravaganza week, swatching and reviewing for our polished pleasure, the various collections available from Australia based CRUSH COSMETICS!

I feel that this polish brand has been sligtly overlooked in the nail blog world of late, so Im bringing them back to your attention because they are truly fabulous and a special addition to any nail art addicts collection!

Today's installment is the Jelly Collection and have I got 2 beauties for you, but before I go on however I just have to stop to say - how pretty are these polish bottles?! Nfu - Oh is a french brand and the bottles look just like a costume for Marie Antionette! The upper brush handle is shaped like a busty torso dressed in a corset, and the bottle is glass molded into a long bustle skirt shape with frills and bows and everything! As a corset lover myself and having quite a decent collection of those too, I can't help but love this bottles styling, it is mad cute!

So now that I've gotten over the cuteness, the first shade is Nfu-Oh number JS24, a sheer and bright candy apple red jelly. This polish has some gorgeous tones to it from a bright pink with just a couple of coats to a deeper red with a few more coats. 

The second shade is Nfu -Oh number JS33 and is one of my favouite colours, a deep teal leaning sightly more on the green side. This dark tone in a sheer base gives a lot of depth to the polish.

The application of these jelly polishes was nice and easy, but they have a thick and tacky consistency, so you should apply them in thin coats or the bulk of the pigment will pool down either side of the nail and it will take forever to dry. Drying time with thin coats is not too bad, but these polishes are tacky by nature so they really need a fast dry top coat just to make sure you don't easily leave any marks in it while it's still curing.

They are quite sheer which means it will require patience and a few coats to obtain a good opacity. In the pictures I am wearing 4 coats of each polish with a base and top coat, but I had a great idea for some jelly layering art with these polishes that came out quite beautiful, and you can catch it during the nail art feature this weekend!

Don't forget that if you want to grab these lovely polishes yourself you can find them with the Australian based stockist CRUSH COSMETICS.

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