Sunday, 4 August 2013

Nail Art Challenge, Inspired by an Artist - Georges Seurat

I've been a very busy girl this week swatcing a ton of polishes for a special feature week starting on my blog tomorrow, (so be sure to come by and check it out!) and almost didn't have the time to get this weeks nail art challenge manicure done, but I finally did it just this afternoon and in time to post!

This week is Georges Seurat and I'll be honest it was a difficult one for inspiration. While there is no question that Seurat is a talented artist and a master in his technique of pointillism, and I respect and admire him as an artist for that, there's something about the subject of his images and the paintings overall that I find a bit bland. I love deep bright and dark colours in rich patterns and intricate details, and Seurat is just not to my taste at all which made it really difficult to be inspired by his work and come up with something that wowed me.

I decided to try and replicate one of his paintings across all my nails and in the end I chose to work from this image, it had a less complicated scenery  and would fit onto the nail well without loosing too much of the focal point of the picture.

 I started the nails with a plain white base, and I apologise for not listing the exact polishes but I used a giant bunch of different polishes and lots of mixes between them, and there are literally just too many to mention, I woud be here all day!

Once I had my white base I used a very small and pointed nail art brush and dabbed the base colours for each element of the painting (grass, lake, sand, trees etc). Then with the point of a large safety pin I dotted lighter and darker tones of the same colour onto each painted base.

I don't think it looks especially pointy in the application, but it's not a bad effort considering how totally uninspired I was by this weeks challenge!

Does that happen to anyone else? Working through a series of nail art challenges and some weeks the theme makes you feel nothing but 'meh'...

Ah well, from tomorrow and for the rest of week I will be bringing you swatches and reviews of some fab polishes that make me feel quite the opposite of  'meh', in a special feature week that concludes with some simple but high impact artistic mani's, so make sure you come back to check that out!

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