Saturday, 3 August 2013

Funky Shapes with Craft Scissors

This week I was wondering around the stationary section at K-Mart and found a cool set of those crazy shaped scissors, and knew I had to have them! There are 6 different pattern blades and they only cost $3! Technically they are for kids, and dont actally have a metal blade they are just made of plastic so not much good for cutting anything but paper, and a layer of polish dried on a freezer bag! I looked at the craft scissors for adults that had real metal cutting blades, but you only got 3 patterns for twice the price, and the pattern blades were too big to get enough of the funky edge featured on your nail so I thought for $3 I would risk it with the kiddies ones and see if they cut well.

They are not fantastic but are enough to cut a piece of dried polish. I discovered that if you cut slowly it doesn't get a clean edge because the polish gets trapped between the blades and then stretches, but if you do one quick hard snip the edge comes out pretty clean, so they will do!

So my first experiement with the crazy shape scissors is this!

I did this mani last night, and though the colours compliment each other well it probably wasn't the best choice of colour for taking a picture in artificial light, as the 2 warm tones made it difficult for the camera to pick up the details too well and made my skin this weird pale pink colour, but I managed to get a half decent shot anyway. Here is a close up of the detail.

For the base I used BC & Co Shade 23 and for the orange I used Klean Colour 46 'Sweet Orange' which I painted a thick layer of onto a freezer bag, and let it dry before I peeled it off and cut it into corners with the scissors. 

I stuck the cut corners onto the nail with top coat, and then used my dotting tool for the alternating coloured dots. 
Im quite pleased with how it turned out, it looked really pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can create with the other 5 patterns!

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  1. This is truly awesome! I can't wait to see more designs created with the scissors either. :-D


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