Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sometimes you just have to wear the polish you love, and only that...

I didn't get a chance to post this earlier because I was in late with my nail art challenge yesterday and that had priority, but technically this mani came first.

When my Arabian Nights mani came off I didn't feel like doing nail art because I knew that nothing I did in that moment would be as good as the beauty I just tearfully wiped off onto a cotton pad. The only thing I could do that would be guaranteed to make me feel good about it, was to turn to a favourite polish that just never disappoints me when I wear it. The love of my life... OPI You only live twice.

I'm a sucker for a good red with a slight fuchsia tint, and with the sparkles too this one had to be mine. It's the only OPI polish I've ever paid full retail price for, $20 damn dollars. I found it in a Beauty Boutique on a trip to Byron Bay, I hadn't even spotted it it was my friend who brought it to my attention (Damn you Emma, you should have left well alone!). I would never have bought it if I hadn't have seen it with my very own eyes and was actually a bit flush that weekend for a change. But everytime I wear it I'm glad that i bought it, and the first hint of that bright sparkle makes me want to go out and pay full retail for it all over again.

Which polish makes you guys feel this way?!

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