Thursday, 5 September 2013

Swatch and Review - Mode

I have more Australian brand polishes to review for you all this week that were kindly sent to me by HERITAGE BRANDS, a cruelty free beauty stockist based in Australia. Today's brand is 'Mode' and it's a great budget polish that you can find for between 2 - 3 dollars a bottle, with a really huge variety of colours and finishes.

Today I have 2 fun neons to show you, this first polish is 'Happy Snap's' and is a bright cyan blue creme polish that is very heavily pigmented and opaque in just one coat.

If you think my middle finger looks slightly dodgy, it does! About an hour before I had to swatch these polishes my nail broke clean off (perfect timing as usual) so I had to stick it back on with a teabag and the surface is not so smooth anymore! ( I ended up filing and shaping that nail a million times throughout the rest of the day!) Anyways, I have 2 coats of the polish over a base coat in this pic and it was taken outdoors in direct sun. This polish had a really smooth consistency and went on so easy, I usually find that the best of creme polishes streak a little, so go figure a cheap brand, but this was surprisingly great quality.

This next polish is 'Whatev' and is a really bright lime green jelly. Honestly, I'm not a fan of lime green at all, it's probably one of my least favourite colours and I have never been tempted to buy lime green polish, even when I've seen something on offer at a dollar a bottle, but I weirdly like this! I'm not sure I could wear it on it's own without jazzing it up a bit with something, but I enjoyed looking at it much more than I ever thought I would! I'm glad that it's a jelly too as I love Jelly Sandwhiches and layering and I will be able to do something really fun with this. 

Obviously what with being a jelly polish it's a bit on the sheer side, in this pic that was taken in direct sunlight  I am wearing 4 layers over a base coat and  it's still not fully opaque, but jellys aren't meant to be and I still think it looks really cool.

Overall I was really impressed by the quality of these polishes, not what I expected at all for the price, I didn't have any Mode polishes until now because whenever I have seen them on sale there have never been any colours that I was that bothered about, but after seeing how good they are I'll be keeping a closer look out for something that I like. Until I do find something I like in retail stores, I might have to head on over to Heritage Brands and see what other colours they have!

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