Friday, 20 September 2013

Free Hand Paisley Print

Today I have some paisley nail art to show you, and I absolutely love this design! Paisley patterns are amongst some of my favourites and I love seeing all the paisley print manis that there are online. I did a paisey mani back in May with nail stamping that was simple but pretty gorgeous (you can see it HERE), but I wanted to try something free hand so I could use a lot more colour.

It's so pretty! I used Rimmel 'Lemon drop' for the base, and painted the patterns using Duri 'Summer Peach', Nfu-Oh 354, and Sinful Colours 'Timbleberry' and 'Forget Now'. I finished it off with a matt top coat to give it a softer more delicate sheen.

It is officially spring time here in Australia (and spring here is even nicer than a British summer!) so I think this is a really nice spring time mani, bringing some colour back into my life after a long cold hard winter. Hahahahaha what am I talking about this is Australia man! Winter lasts a month and it's 'mild' at best, I could wear this mani all year round!

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